Pumpkin carving

Our annual pumpkin carving at Foundation House was a big success again this year. Not all the guys participated but it was fun for those that did. Happy Halloween!

Evan’s presentation

Evan gave a powerful presentation last night at the Community Volunteer Training Program on addiction, stigma and recovery. We are grateful that our staff are so open to sharing their experience and knowledge to help community members better support people living with, an...

A visit from Trevor

Today, at Project Community Connect, one of our favourite past team members stopped by to say hello. Trevor worked with Umbrella for a few years before TWC stole him away. We are happy to continue working with Trevor and having him continue to support Umbrella and o...

Community Connect

Today was Project Community Connect with representatives from the Downtown Service Providers providing information and connection to those who popped into The Bay Centre. Evan and Pam manned the Umbrella table giving out chocolate and raffling off an Umbrella umbrella.

Royals Season Tickets!

We couldn't be more excited! Devin from the Victoria Royals came by the office yesterday to drop off our season Tickets and some fun bobble heads. The Royals are off to an exceptional start to the season and our two Foundation House residents who attended the game l...

A Visit from the Zone 91.3

We were thrilled to be visited this week by John Sheilds from the Zone 91.3, here in Victoria. The Zone's Selfless Summer Civic Contest allowed winners to choose a local registered charity to support with a $500 donation. Thank you to Zoner Adrian Polley and everyone a...

Jenny’s Last Day

Friday was Jenny's last day with Umbrella. Jenny, who has been the primary outreach worker on our very successful doctors project, is moving away from our beautiful island to be closer to her family and be a hands on "Grammy". Jenny has been such a wonderful part of...

Living Wage Certified

Today, Umbrella was certified as a Living Wage Employer. We take pride knowing that we are not contributing to poverty in our community, and that our valued employees are receiving a wage that makes living, working and playing affordable.

Larry retires

Larry Stevens, from Coolaid's REES program, has been a long time friend  and supporter of Umbrella, and a huge advocate for our clients. This week, Angela and Evan went to Larry's retirement party with thanks, hugs and gratitude. Larry will be very missed by Umbrella an...

Terry loves apple pie

We had to share this fun moment. Bronwyn, our awesome admin & pie baker, made Terry a yummy apple pie, which clearly made his day! And, check out the tiny umbrella in the crust. Well done Bronwyn!