Season 1

Episode 1 - Evan's Story

In the first episode, host Blake Andison is joined by Evan James.

Evan talks about his history of substance use, addiction, mental health and the path toward recovery.  Hopeful and brutal but always honest and even funny, Evan’s story reminds us all that every attempt at recovery is another chance at a new life.

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Episode 2 - Brae's Story

Brae has genuine star quality. When she speaks, people listen. Brae is a strong advocate for recovery as well as LGBTQIA2+ and a top notch hair stylist.

Brae shares her story of recovery through the lens of transition, growth and advocacy.

Brae’s story is one of resilience and perseverance as she faced multiple barriers of discrimination on her path to recovery.

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Episode 3 - Erik's Story

This latest podcast is the first of three in a series showcasing Foundation House, Umbrella Society’s 2nd stage recovery house for men. We explore the merits of this program through the stories of three individuals who have found long term recovery through their experience at the house. In this edition, Blake chats with Erik, Umbrella Society’s current housing coordinator. Erik speaks to the years of struggle and anguish he experienced in his addiction contrasted with the life of hope and love he currently experiences in recovery. Erik reflects on his years spent at Foundation House and why they were so pivotal for him in his recovery journey. 

Episode 4 - Matt's Story

Join Blake as he sits down with Matt to discuss his unique recovery story and success found through Umbrella Society’s Foundation House. This is the second instalment of a 3 part series celebrating Foundation House through the success stories of residents and alumni.

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Episode 5 - James' Story

Episode 5 features our third and final instalment of our series highlighting Foundation House, our 2nd stage recovery house for men. Today we’re talking to James, our current senior resident at Foundation House. James’ story is one of redemption as he navigated multiple relapses and setbacks in his efforts to find long term recovery. He is now a beacon of strength and is a role model to those at the house and the individuals he works with as a member of the Umbrella team.

Episode 6 - Rebecca's Story

In this episode, Blake speaks with Rebecca, a strong role model for women in recovery. She works as part of our hospital program on the Addiction Medical Consult Service, she is the cofacilitator of Umbrella’s own Women’s Group, and represents Umbrella as a voice of recovery at community events. Rebecca shares her journey from years of struggle with substances to a recovery experience of self discovery and inspiration.

Episode 7 - Emmett & Zack's Stories
In this week’s podcast, we dive into the subject of process or behavioural addictions with Emmett and Zack, the co-facilitators of Umbrella’s Behavioural Addictions Support Group. Emmett and Zack use a combination of lived experience and post secondary expertise to tackle not only process addiction but the nature and science behind all addiction.
Episode 8 - Brianna's Story

Today’s podcast features Brianna, a member of our amazing admin team as she sheds light on a debilitating condition she suffers from called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis  Syndrome (CHS) which in essence is an aggressive allergy to build up of THC in the system. Despite the profound health impacts of this condition, Brianna found it impossible to quit using cannabis, challenging the belief that cannabis is not addictive. Brianna shares her story and the work she put in to free herself from chronic cannabis use.

Episode 9 - Trevor's Story

In today’s episode, Blake speaks with Trevor Botkin, the gregarious Executive Director of Hero Works Victoria as Trevor tells his inspiring story of recovery. Trevor is one who knows first hand how hard it is to reach out for help when working in the trades where personal problems aren’t discussed and substance use is part of the culture. Hopefully his story today inspires others in the trades to reach out for help.

Episode 10 - Meaghan's Story

In the season finale of Comfortably UnNumb, Blake invites Meaghan onto the program to speak to her success in achieving over 15 years of recovery. Meaghan’s story involves years of not truly coming to terms with her addictions until the challenges with her substance use became insurmountable. The sense of community and connection Meaghan found in recovery has been at the foundation of her success.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Conor's Story

In this first episode of Season 2, we talk with Conor, one of the members of this year’s Recovery Campaign. Conor speaks about his personal recovery journey as well as his work in the field.