Umbrella operates four recovery houses, three houses for men, and one for women.

Each of our houses offers a different level of support and programming. There is no time limit at any of our houses, residents can stay as long as they feel it is beneficial to their recovery. Residents at all our houses can work, volunteer, or go to school while they follow their individualized recovery programs. Each resident is required to pay a monthly rent during their stay, which will be outlined during your intake process.

*Our women’s house was sold and we are currently seeking a new house.

To learn more about our award-winning housing program, please call our office at 250-380-0595.

Foundation House

Foundation House, a second stage house, provides a caring home to men who have completed a minimum of 30 days in stabilization or residential treatment facility. This house is staffed to ensure that residents remain safe and focused on their individual recovery journeys. We ask all residents to participate in the day-to-day operation of the house. By sharing in cooking, cleaning and other chores, the men gain valuable life skills and learn the value of collaboration. We offer each resident professional one-on-one counselling at the house and encourage residents to continue this counselling after they move on.

The only permanent resident at Foundation House is Lyca, a very happy and loving little dog that greets the residents with a wagging tail and a wiggling butt. She loves walks, treats and gives love to all the men.

Cooper House

Cooper House, a third stage house for men, is a sober living house for residents who lived in Foundation House, have completed the Ready-to-Rent program and would like to transition to a more independent housing model. With a focus on self-accountability and independence, Cooper House has less staff involvement in the day-to-day operations while encouraging residents to continue their relationships with counselling and outreach resources offered by Umbrella.

Tj, our rescued sled dog, also transitioned from Foundation House and has joined his favourite residents of Cooper house as they continue the next stage of their recovery together.

Hudson House

Hudson House, our only supportive recovery house for women, provides a safe, healthy environment for women who have completed a minimum of 30 days in stabilization or a residential treatment facility.

All residents are connected to an Umbrella Outreach Worker, who will work with each of the women on their individual recovery goals and support them throughout their stay.

*This house was sold and we are currently seeking a new house for our women’s program

Potter House

New in March 2021, Umbrella opened Potter House that is just a hop, skip and jump away from Foundation House.

Potter House is home to men who have resided in Foundation House but are ready for more independence. The Potter residents will be joining the Foundation House guys for their weekly house meeting and continue to access their counselling supports as well.

Umbrella is really pleased to offer more housing to assist residents with their transition to market housing, while still offering accountability and support.

We are really excited for this opportunity and we are allowed pets, so stay tuned for a pet announcement!