Our Mission

Umbrella demonstrates excellence in the development and delivery of innovative and unique services to support individuals and their loved ones struggling with substance use issues.

Our Vision

Those affected by substance use and co-occurring mental health challenges have access to a broad range of appropriate and connected community supports.

Our Defining Values

We value and engage with people and groups across a broad spectrum of unique demographic and philosophical dimensions, including culture, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability and political or religious beliefs.
We take active efforts to ensure that people have equitable access to opportunities, resources, experiences and outcomes in our services and supports, and in our organization.
We strive, through deliberate and intentional actions, to create environments of belonging, support and involvement where all people feel valued and encouraged to contribute.
We accept each individual’s reality without judgement. We meet people where they are and offer support and acceptance in a non-blaming and open manner. We are informed, as they are, by their life experiences.
We seek to engage all members of our community, enlighten them on substance use and mental health issues, and empower them to make a difference.
We recognize that complex issues are often resolved by a series of simple acts, and that effective leadership can occur, not just within our organization, but throughout the larger community.
We work to earn a high degree of public trust through effective collaboration with all those affected by substance use. We recognize that good work has the widest impact and best results when freely shared.
Through our actions, we change the way those who struggle with issues of substance use and co-occuring mental illness see themselves and are seen by others.
Full Access
We reduce service barriers so that all people who require services can access Umbrella’s supports.
We are committed to working with others to ensure that people with substance use issues can access high quality services in an effective and timely manner.