Since 2000, we have been providing innovative outreach services to individuals of all ages, struggling with addiction. Our Outreach Program connects individuals who are struggling with or recovering from substance use issues with outreach workers who have been there, been impacted and/or recovered from addiction themselves.

Working one-on-one with clients, we’re here to listen when they need to talk. We’ll grab a coffee together when they need support, and we’ll help them navigate the system and access community resources across addictions, mental health, social assistance, criminal justice, child protection, and supportive housing.

Umbrella is strategically located throughout our community. From hospitals and clinics to coffee shops, you can find one of our outreach team throughout Greater Victoria.

We have a variety of outreach programs that can be accessed in different ways. Many of our programs can be connected by contacting our office, but we are a part of several teams that have a different intake process.

Umbrella has a team of outreach workers who provide support, understanding and connection to individuals struggling with substance use issues. If you would like the support of an outreach worker, please contact our office to complete a brief intake.

Salt Spring Island

Every Tuesday, Pawel, an Umbrella outreach worker is on Salt Spring Island, providing supports to residents.
You can find him connecting with individuals in the community or at the Community Services Building.

To connect with Pawel please contact our office at 250-380-0595.

Youth Outreach

Umbrella provides outreach support to youth struggling with substance use issues.

To access Umbrella’s support contact our office. 


Blake, an outreach worker with Umbrella is working collaboratively with Corrections to provide meaningful support to men transitioning from Wilkinson Road Jail (VIRCC) back into the community. During the week you will find Blake connecting and supporting inmates in VIRCC and helping them with safe discharge planning.

This service is only available to inmates of VIRCC either as a self-referral or from a corrections employee.


RAAC, the Rapid Access Addiction Clinic, was created in response to the overdose crisis.

The Rapid Access Addiction Clinic supports people with problematic opioid use who are ready for treatment with Buprenorphine (Suboxone) or Methadone.

Louise from Umbrella is on site providing outreach support and services at the clinic Monday through Friday.

The RAAC accepts referrals from service providers, doctors, and Island Health, including the Emergency Department, as well as walk in services for those need it.

RAAC is located at 1119 Pembroke Street and is open Monday through Friday from 9-12pm daily.

Pandora Clinic

The Pandora Clinic, located at 922 Pandora, partnered with Umbrella to provide outreach services and support for their patients.

Amy is available Monday through Friday within the clinic to provide a variety of helpful supports that can include referrals, applications, system navigation, support, coffee and conversation.

This service is only available to patients of the Pandora Clinic.


AMCS, Addiction Medicine Consult Services, is a team-based approach with physicians providing consultation, assessment and treatment to patients admitted to one of the three area hospitals.

When a patient is admitted to the Royal Jubilee or Victoria General Hospital, their medical team may access the services of AMCS, and if appropriate, the patient will receive these services.

Umbrella has outreach staff at both the Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospital. All staff provide outreach services to clients while they are in the hospital and they have found this to be an effective and meaningful way to build relationships and continue support after they are discharged.

This service is only accessible by the admitted patient’s medical team.

Emergency Department

In the Emergency Department of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, you will find Umbrella outreach workers available to help patients needing to access emergency services.

This important role provides immediate and follow up support to those experiencing problematic substance use issues who attend the emergency room for help.

Referrals are made by the Emergency Department team.

ICM Team

The ICM Team, previously SAMI Team, is an intensive case management team created by Island Health.

The ICM Team works intensively with clients who frequently seek help at hospital emergency rooms, aiding with psychiatric emergencies and detox. Comprised of a team lead, nurses, social workers, and Umbrella outreach workers, Hazen and Shelagh, the team shares a common mandate to provide support at a vulnerable time. Each member of the program builds relationships and maintains connections to clients following their hospital visit for continued support and independence.

The ICM Team can only accept referrals made by emergency room staff.