Despite a sincere desire to quit, those in addiction commonly find they cannot stop using on their own. They need help. When they finally make this admission, and reach out, Umbrella is there to extend its hand. Umbrella outreach offers support, counsel, guidance, education, and advocacy to these individuals as they chart their journey toward reduction and/or abstinence. Umbrella outreach are staffed by individuals who are either in recovery, or have been deeply impacted by addiction. They have thus ‘been there’ and are able to relate intimately to the struggles, setbacks, and successes of their clients. It is this common ground of shared experience that generates the trust and rapport necessary for honest and vulnerable exchange – the catalyst that ignites the process of healing from addiction.

Umbrella Outreach workers are strategically located throughout Greater Victoria to ensure that clients of all demographics have access to vital one-on-one support. In addition to general community outreach for those suffering substance use issues, Umbrella has more specific teams ready to assist those with special concerns. Whether a client is hospitalized, is struggling with mental health issues concurrent to addiction, has recently suffered an overdose, is involved in the criminal justice system, or is a youth, Umbrella has a specialized outreach team ready to help. Outreach team members help clients articulate and attain their goals by discussing their individual circumstances, and formulating a recovery plan that includes regular check-in appointments, usually on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis.

Umbrella outreach workers follow a client-centered approach in all interactions. Often, clients need peer support, and Umbrella is there to offer an attentive ear, and to offer comfort and consolation to those in distress. On other occasions, clients require help with problem-solving the day-to-day demands of living, including issues involving finances, employment, relationships, and other every day matters that sober life entails. And, of course, outreach teams frequently help clients navigate a bewildering system of services and resources which span multiple government agencies, and several private organizations. Outreach workers direct clients to appropriate mental health supports (e.g. counselling, Early Psychosis Intervention, etc.), government services (e.g. income assistance, disability, I.D., etc.), and community supports (e.g. legal, employment, medical, shelters and housing, etc.). Finally, outreach workers also refers clients as needed to Detox, supportive recovery, sober living and residential treatment.

Umbrella’s various outreach teams have different pathways of access. The easiest way to get connected to one of Umbrella’s talented and experienced outreach teams and workers is to call our office at 250-380-0595.