Connections is a drop-in group for individuals, and their loved ones, needing immediate support with substance use issues. This group is a partnership with Island Health and was created to provide support to those on wait lists, offer advice or resource information, and help those who aren’t sure what to do next.

This low-barrier group requires no intake or registration.

In Victoria just drop in on either Tuesday or Friday between 2:30-3:30 at 1125 Pembroke, in the RAS room, and Blake or Valerie will be there to help.


West Shore Group

The West Shore Group (WSG) runs Friday’s in Langford. This psycho-educational group is a collaboration with Island Health and is facilitated by Valerie, a counsellor from Umbrella and Island Health.

This is a 6-week group with weekly intake, that is only accessible by referral.

Please contact the Umbrella office for more information.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Starting Wednesday, August 21, Umbrella is hosting a weekly SMART Recovery meeting at our new office located at #8-415 Dunedin Street.

This drop in group is co-facilitated by Lesley and Adrian and runs from 12noon to 1:30pm.

Our office is on a bus route and there is lots of free street parking on both Garbally and Dunedin. Be prepared to be greeted by Lyca sometimes, as she likes to join in all fun things recovery related.

The coffee will be on!

Dad's Wellness Group

Umbrella is excited to offer a five week drop group for dads with substance use challenges.

This group starts Monday, September 9 and will cover topics such as substance use, communication, anger and other emotions, wellness and self compassion. Each week our co-facilitors, both dads in recovery Evan and Justin, have planned presenters and an environment for learning, challenging thoughts and behaviours and robust conversations. Some of the topics include substance use, communication, wellness, anger and other emotions and self compassion.

Umbrella’s office is on a bus route and there is lots of free street parking on Garbally and Dunedin.

This group is only available to dads who register with the office. There is a lot of interest in this group, so register soon as we have a capacity!

Refreshments will be provided.