Strategic Direction 1: Excellence in Substance Use Programs

 Goal 1.1 – Provide inclusive, cohesive and culturally safe supports for people struggling with substance use, trauma and mental health issues.

 Goal 1.2 – Expand access to appropriate supports and services for people with substance use issues.

 Goal 1.3 – Demonstrate effectiveness of Umbrella services and supports.



Strategic Direction 2: Innovative Supportive Recovery Housing Services

Goal 2.1 – Expanded housing options.

Goal 2.2 – Work with partners to expand inclusive substance use support services.

Strategic Direction 3: Respected Community Voice on Substance Use and Related Issues

Goal 3.1 –  Optimize community reach and influence to reduce stigma.

Goal 3.2 – Engage with government, policy makes and researchers.


Strategic Direction 4: Financial and Organizational Growth

Goal 4.1 –  Sustain organizational stability.

Goal 4.2 – Optimize income generating opportunities.

Goal 4.3 – Increase staff capacity and well-being.

Goal 4.4 – Ensure Board capacity and engagement.