It is our 20th anniversary and we were trying to find some COVID friendly ways to celebrate.

COVID is a real concern, but so is the overdose and addiction crisis we are working in.
COVID is making things much more challenging for our folks,
isolation is not good for most people,
but it is dangerous and deadly for people with substance use issues.

Umbrella has created lots of groups, online and in person, and we are starting more.
We are fortunate that Dr Henry has acknowledged that addiction support groups/meetings can still happen in person, as long as we are following protocols.

We also decided it was a good time to do a mini-fundraiser and awareness campaign
and created our awesome Umbrella t-shirts.
With or without the asterisk in the swear word, you can support
Umbrella with a minimum donation of $30 and you will get a t-shirt and a tax receipt!

Bronwyn is putting an order in soon as we have several orders, so please contact the office to order yours!

Thanks for helping support Umbrella and F*CKADDICTION.

Our board member Kelly rocking his shirt.

Our models Louise and Raj showing the front and back and how cute of couple they are!

Our amazing office manager Bronwyn showing off her shirt.