November 20 was Umbrella’s 20th birthday and well, we couldn’t celebrate as we had hoped, so we decided to do what we can and spread a little joy and some delicious doughnuts from our friends at Dynamite Doughnuts!

The great team at Dynamite Doughnuts, located in Uptown, made a special orange glaze doughnut just for Umbrella and our special day.

Our team shared these delicious treats with other folks at the sites we work at, with the people who fund and support us and with some of the hardest working people in this field.

We also delivered some packs of orange and silver M&M’s for the sites that work 7 days a week so their weekend teams could enjoy treats too!

This was a really nice way to spend a Friday and it really helped to write thank you cards, deliver goodies and reflect on our last 20 years.

Louise delivering doughnuts to the RAAC, intake and CARES Teams.

Evan (without his mask) met up with Jarrett at the Comfort Inn to drop some doughnuts for the team there.

Justin B took a couple dozen doughnuts to the ICM Team.

Sharlene brought these beautiful orange delights to the United Way.

Blake shared these treats with the great staff at Detox.

The amazing Admin at CARES clinic enjoying a morning treat.

Looks like the CARES Admin team are enjoying their doughnuts!

Staff at RAAC taking a quick doughnut break.

MHSU Manager Devin and a coworker at CARES enjoying a delicious doughnut from Dynamite Doughnuts!