A vision board is tool to help you visualize your recovery dreams and goals.  It is a collage of pictures, words, phrases, colours, fabrics and anything else that can be used to represent your recovery vision on a board.  It may include affirmations, inspirational words, photographs, magazine cut-outs, paint chips, fabric swatches, stickers, buttons, and so much more.  Ideally your board with be filled with things that make you happy, inspire your recovery, provide a visual of something you dream about or want to achieve and overall provide positive visual stimulation.

Join Dottie and Kat for an in-person Vision Board Dream Building group.  Create your own board just for you, for your recovery present and future.

Blank poster boards, magazines, and other supplies will be provided.  Registered participants are welcome and encouraged to bring anything they would like to include on their boards or share with others (magazines, pictures, stickers, markers, etc).

Umbrella Office

Sunday February 7th, 2021

10:00am – 12:00noon

Registration: Group is by registration only, no drop ins.  Space is limited to 6.  If you are not able to attend this group, ask about being added to the waitlist for future groups.