Today was Sandwich Day at Umbrella!
Over the last few weeks our staff submitted orders for their perfect custom-made sandwich. This morning, our office staff and a few board members got to work; slicing, chopping, spreading and stacking to make beautiful sandwiches and wraps.
After we loaded each lunch bag with sandwiches, snacks and drinks, the office staff hit the town to deliver to employees on site while outreach staff took the time to pop by the office to grab their lunch and say hello.
Umbrella has the best staff and we are always trying to find ways to let them know how much we appreciate all they do for Umbrella and their clients.
Brianna keeping everyone on task
Evan & Blake with board members Guy & Bengy
Brianna and Evan helping Louise show off her new shirt
Evan delivering lunch to Gavin and Sydney at Tiny Town
Lunches labelled and ready to go
Adorable Umbrella stickers