Today was a bittersweet day.
Umbrella, staff, board, friends and funders turned up in droves to Umbrella’s office to wish Evan well.
From 2-6pm it was non-stop coming and going at the office with people coming to share their thanks and share how Evan has impacted their lives.
Umbrella set up chairs and a barbecue outside, had a huge banner for everyone to sign and photos that captured Evan over the last seven years at Umbrella. It was a wonderful way to say thank you and goodbye.

The calm before the storm, although when I took the photo I told Evan he looked sad because no one was coming – lol

But then people started to gather, chat and eat.

The man of the day wearing his new shirt!

Our office sign was changed for the occasion!

Look at this cake!!

More staff and folks at the event

Great to see so many alumni, staff and friends come to wish Evan well

Staff were happy to reconnect with each other too!

Some of our board members met in person for the first time today too! Cindy & Cyndi pictured above!

Evan and Kirsten who were the key team members when AMCS started many years ago.

Evan gave a speech and received a gift – 2 Canucks tickets, a hotel room and ferry!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to his well deserved gift.
What a great day, well deserved for our Evan.