Isolation is a very real and scary thing for a lot of people, but for those in recovery,
it can be deadly.
We have noticed very little movement in our recovery housing,
our residents are happy to stay put and be among their peers and friends, and have the support of Umbrella staff.
However, as we watched the waitlist for Foundation House continue to grow we wondered what we were going to do,
and then came a knock on our door.
The owner of the houses behind Foundation House knew we were interested in growing our housing program,
and approached us to take over one of her houses.
With the support of the board, and the hard work of the housing staff and residents,
we did some work on the inside, added a fresh coat of paint and actively sought out great furniture and voila,
Potter House has become home!
We started with the basement, and have moved two of our senior residents over
and are working on the upstairs and will be moving 3 more of our senior residents in April.
This opens up 5 beds at Foundation House and 5 more residents for Lyca to love.
The owners are very supportive of Umbrella and the work that we do, and we are so incredibly grateful!