Umbrella has a new way for people to learn and grow!

On Wednesday, October 26 from 4-6pm Umbrella will be hosting an Improv Workshop.

For many, improv is an important tool to help them face their fears in a supportive, nonjudgmental and fun way. Surprisingly enough, research has shown that doing improv theatre relieves stress and anxiety, boosts creativity, improves connections with others and enhances to ability to take risks and try new things.  This afternoon workshop will invite participants to try out a range of improv games in a safe and supportive environment.

The workshop will be co-facilited by Kevin Matviw and Nikola Brabenec.  Kevin has an extensive background in sketch and improv comedy.  Kevin also taught at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto for 12 years.  Nikola has worked as a Substance Use Counsellor with Island Health for 14 years and has experienced the benefits of improv firsthand.  We are excited to share this playful and fun approach to support folks on their healing journey

This workshop is by registration and everyone is welcome to sign up.

Call or text 250-380-0595 for more information or to register.