The costs of living have become extremely hard to manage for much of our community; these everyday challenges are typically experienced much more severely at supportive housing sites across the region.

In response to these pressures, Umbrella Society’s Sean and Josh felt inspired to develop a brilliant plan…

“Let’s teach Albina residents how they can make a lot of great tasting food, with almost no budget, all ingredients purchased within stones throw of the site, and that can be made with basic utensils and a hot plate.” 

With a shared desire to promote independence and give residents the opportunity to self-determine their meal choices, Sean and Josh endeavoured to provide the knowledge and skills for this to be achieved.

The inaugural gathering of the Albina, Learn to Cook program was a resounding success. Sean and Josh led their first cohort in the creation of “Jazzed-up Spaghetti with BBQ Chip Encrusted Chicken”.
The class was able to make 6 realistically portioned personal servings for $20.00!
That’s some serious BANG for the buck.

Over the course of the class, Sean and Josh answered many great questions from Albina residents and staff alike.
They were able to teach attendees kitchen tips, cutting techniques in addition to explaining flavour profiles and how to create great food on next to no budget!

Thank you, Josh, and Sean, for your leadership in community.
You are truly making a difference with Umbrella where it counts.