Tonight was Umbrella’s AGM.
We were thrilled with the turnout, support and great speakers.
Thank you to all who attended.
We are filled with gratitude.

We are so thankful for Jacquelin, our board chair, who is so passionate about Umbrella.

Echo Kulpas, our previous practicum student who continues to volunteer for us.
We <3 you Echo!

Two of our favourite people, Dot and Thor.
Both shared their experiences with housing and Umbrella.

Captain Brian Bell from Langford Fire Dept talked about our collaboration and fund-raising.
Thank you for coming Brian – see you on the ice in October!

Two board members, Chuck and Sue both stepped down today.
Thank you both for your years of support and service!

Sharlene, our ED, shared out the great stuff going on over the last 12 months and what the next year looks like.

The end of the night, Umbrella’s Terry and Anawim’s Terry are enjoying a conversation.