What a huge honour!
Every year the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI Canada) invites youth in select high schools to research and present on a charity.
Each year we are interviewed by keen high school students looking to present to their class on Umbrella.
This year, the students at Garabaldi High School won $5000 for Umbrella, and we couldn’t be more grateful.
Today, we received a special grant of $1000 for being “one of the most widely researched charities by students in the 20/21 academic year”
This special grant had a huge impact on us.
To know that “our work and our mission resonates strongly with young people” means so much to us.
We are so grateful for all the students who research and present about Umbrella each year,
and are hopeful because they have learned about addictions and an important resource that may help someone one day.