Every month in 2020, Umbrella is celebrating our employees work anniversaries.
Amy was celebrated in January.
Louise, Bronwyn, Bruce and Nicole were all celebrated in February.
But March is all about Conor.
Conor has been with Umbrella for several years, starting as a resident then joining Umbrella staff working weekends at Foundation House.
Conor then joined our outreach team and is currently doing both outreach and working in the Emergency Department at the Royal Jubilee.
Conor loves it when we update our staff photos, he gets his hair cut, has some kind of new “look” and this last time he brought three wardrobe changes.
Today at our staff meeting we lightened the meeting by sharing funny Conor stories and talked about how much we appreciate him.
Today, we wanted to share Conor with all of you.
Photo 1 – Conor accessorizing his hat and shirt to Umbrella colours
Photo 2 – Conor, the beard and the stain on his hoodie he is covering up
Photo 3 – Fresh hair cut and full beard
Photo 4 – Professional Conor
Photo 5 – Conor rockin his giraffe shirt
Photo 6 – Umbrella’s own hip hop artist Conor!
Photo 6 – Conor’s outdoor layer look
Photo 7 – Conor…just Conor.
Congratulations on your work anniversary Conor!
Umbrella loves you!