“Goodbye always makes my throat hurt.”

– Charlie Brown

Today we have the tough job of saying goodbye to Cait.

Cait has been an incredible team member for three and a half years.
During that time she has worked just about everywhere,
from the SAMI team (now ICMT),to outreach, to AMCS.
She’s worked with youth and created great group programming around boundaries.

There isn’t a single program that hasn’t been impacted by Cait knowledge, care and strength.
We are a better organization because she chose to join our team all those years ago.

Cait is going to continue to work with youth at another local organization and we are so proud of her.
Her next team will be incredibly lucky to have her passion and expertise on board.

Thank you Cait, for every insight you shared and every moment of support you’ve offered.
Our community is lucky to have you.