It appears that May is a pretty awesome month for hiring great staff at Umbrella.
This month we celebrate the work anniversaries of four of our amazing team!

On May 27, 2020 Umbrella hired the awesome Justin Best!
Justin goes to UVIC and was available to work weekends, so Justin joined our team at the arena.
Always a staff and client favourite, Justin easily moved into the permanent part time role of outreach on the
SURF (Substance Use Follow Up Team) where he continues to work and help so many.

Happy 1 year Justin!

On May 30 last year, we hired Amy Winters to join our team.
Starting like Justin in the transitional housing sites, Amy quickly moved to the ICM (Intensive Case Management) Team
and then to the Microdosing program where she shares her time with our outreach clients.
Amy completed the SMART Recovery training and co-facilitates SMART Recovery in person on Thursday evenings with Miles.

Happy 1 year Amy!

In 2014, on May 12, Umbrella gained the awesome Evan James.
Evan has worked everywhere, he knows Umbrella inside and out.
Starting in outreach and then helping to build the successful AMCS (Addiction Medicine Consult Service) at Royal Jubilee,
Evan continues to help but in a different capacity.
With the continual growth of Umbrella, Evan’s role evolved into our Team Lead, and he has proven how helpful and important this role is.

Evan has grown with Umbrella, he is always keeping busy, as you can see from the photos below, he always brings humour and fun to our little organization!

Happy 7 years Evan!


Last but not least, on May 23, 2008 Umbrella’s current Executive Director joined the team.
2008 Umbrella looked much different from 2021 Umbrella!
Sharlene started as an outreach worker and took on the administrative responsibilities early on.
Umbrella was small then, so she could see clients and return calls in between her appointments, simply not possible now!
Sharlene is in her 5th year as Executive Director and continues to grow Umbrella so that anyone needing substance use support, receives it.

Happy 13 years to our ED!