We keep saying it – we love our team!
February is a big month for Umbrella because we get to celebrate the anniversaries of Bronwyn, Louise, Nicole G and Justin L.
Thank you all for all you do for Umbrella, the community and our clients.

Nicole G joined Umbrella on February 8, 2019 and started on the ICM Team.
She continued to work with that team until late last year when we stole her
so that we could have her run the newly created Encampment Team.
This role continues and she has since been promoted to a new Coordinator of Transitional Housing role
which is she in the process of training for!

Justin L officially joined Umbrella on February 20, 2020, although we had worked with him when he was the
Senior Resident at Foundation House.
Justin started last year working at Topaz Park, then the arena and then the hotels,
when an opportunity opened on the ICM Team, Justin jumped at it and is excelling in this role.

Bronwyn, our amazing Office Manager is celebrating 6 years with Umbrella as she joined the team February 9, 2015.
Bronwyn’s role has not changed, just grown.
She started as the very part time admin person but as Umbrella has grown, so has Bronwyn’s role and responsibilities,
but her passion, commitment and love of Umbrella has only grown!

Louise joined the Umbrella team on February 17, 2016.
Louise started on the ICM Team (then called SAMI) and worked her way to the Rapid Access Addictions Clinic
where she continues to work.
Although she took a little break to work over at The Harbour when it first opened,
Louise is one of our most knowledgable and skilled employees.
She also runs our Friday check in group and is passionate about client care.