Reaching out is the first step, and the hardest. We know how difficult reaching out for help is. We’ve all had to do it and we know it is scary. Umbrella wants to help make that first step as easy as possible. You can call us, text us, email us, message us on Facebook, Instagram, through our webpage or just pop into our office – there is no wrong way to ask for help.


Change is hard. One of the hardest things we as humans must do is change. It is never easy to give up substances, quite often drugs and/or alcohol help us cope with trauma, mental health issues, emotional pain, our self-worth, guilt, shame and more. It is important to have supports in place when you are ready to make change. There is no wrong way to recover from addiction. Some people enjoy groups and meetings, while others prefer one-on-one sessions with outreach workers and/or counselling. Some people need to get away from their community and learn new skills and tools, and others might choose to get help locally. There is no wrong way to start the recovery process, Umbrella can connect you with the services you need. Finding your own path to recovery. All of us at Umbrella understand the complexities of our broken mental health and substance use system. We know how lengthy paperwork, referrals, and applications can be, and we understand the processes that each service provider needs. Drop in any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon to get the paperwork, and your recovery started. Support for everyone. Addiction is often called the family disease because it impacts the whole family. Umbrella offers support to individuals struggling with substance use issues, and their loved ones, to help them understand addiction, coping mechanisms and begin the healing process. Recovery for every budget. There are private and government funded facilities, community, and clinical options; some of these services cost money, and some are free. Umbrella can help you, and your loved ones, navigate the system and find the best fit for you and your pocketbook. There is no cost to accessing any of Umbrella’s services, (except our recovery houses which charge rent). Let Umbrella help you reach your recovery goals.