On July 1, 2019 Umbrella moved to our own office space and we have never looked back.

This past year has been one of enormous growth and of change,
not just moving from Quadra Village Community Centre to Burnside Gorge area,
but our team, our programs, our services and our ability to support others has all grown.
Normally, we use our space for our admin team, counselling sessions, staff and board meetings, groups and educational opportunities,
but with COVID we haven’t been able to use our beautiful space as much as we would like.

Next week our counselling sessions return to “in person” and we are pleased that there is no wait if you need some family support.
Our staff are now back working in the hospitals and clinics and we are beginning to support our outreach clients in the community.
We are still offering our groups online, but when we feel it is safe to do so, we will begin introducing in person meetings. Stand by for details!

We have made our space our own and we absolutely love where we work!
We have great neighbours, great landlords and feel like we are a part of the community.

We still plan to have an open house to show off our space, but it has been postponed, not canceled.
Until then, happy birthday to us!