Tonight was an emotional night at the weekly Foundation House meeting.
Long time resident and previous Senior Resident Justin, is moving out tomorrow and tonight, we said goodbye.
We welcomed staff, Cooper House guys and some alumni to the house as everyone thanked Justin for the role he played in their lives and their recovery.
Justin’s journey was not easy and he had a lot challenges along the way, but he kept putting one foot in front of the other
and tonight he will spend his last evening in Foundation House.
There were lots of laughs as fellow residents and staff shared stories, and everyone celebrated with ice cream cake.
As a note, Dairy Queen put the wrong photo on the cake, we didn’t ask for the bucking horse, but it made us laugh and we made it work!

And, in true Justin form, he wrote letters to the staff and bought them candy and Sharlene got this beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Always thinking of others, Justin and his huge heart will be very missed.