Thank you to the United Way South Island for showcasing Josh and highlighting his story.

Josh was sick of being sick. And when you’re sick, it’s hard to take care of your family.

He’d been battling his addictions for years, and every time he thought he had it beat, something would crop up. And down he’d go again.

“I believe everyone deserves a second chance at life,” Josh says. “I was given a second chance and for that I am very grateful.”

Josh’s story is about overcoming addictions challenges, but it’s also about family–or two families: his son and girlfriend, and the family at Umbrella that welcomed him, held him tight, and refused to give up on him.

Umbrella Society helped Josh with supportive recovery. They taught him patience, how to be more honest with himself, and how to reach out for help in times of struggle.

Now he’s sober and good things keep happening – like Umbrella hiring Josh, and giving him the opportunity to give back to the community.


Josh and his family, like many others in Southern Vancouver Island, face challenges. COVID has intensified inequities and amplified the challenges facing vulnerable families.

Food insecurity and job loss are just some of the many stressors impacting local families. Other issues, like housing insecurity and rising rates of mental health challenges, have placed many into increasingly precarious situations, living paycheque to paycheque and struggling to make ends meet.

Let’s ensure that families facing poverty and challenging life situations get the assistance they need.

Last year, UWSVI supported 49 different programs that strengthened neighbourhood connections and access to resources for 21,895 people in our region: families, children, and youth.

Unite with us to ensure local families receive the support they need.