When we all talk about 2020, we are usually talking about COVID-19 and how that impacted us all, and continues to do so today.

However, when Umbrella talks about 2020, we all think about one of our greatest accomplishments to date, purchasing Foundation House. This is the first large scale asset Umbrella has ever owned, and getting to that finish line for the house purchase involved a steep learning curve, tons of fundraising and incredible support from the community.

When the purchase was final, we jumped right into making the house our own. A new coat of paint and a bright orange door announced to residents and community alike that Umbrella is here and invested in being great neighbors.

Our residents continue to take pride in the house, actively participating in the maintenance inside and out. Senior Resident Erik took it upon himself to sand and refinish the dining rooms table, bringing it back to its original glory. Multiple residents helped Umbrella’s favorite handyman, Dave Surtees, as he worked tirelessly sanding, priming and painting the inside and outside of the house.

The pride we feel for Foundation House is mirrored in our other housing programs. Cooper House and Hudson House continue to provide unparalleled support. These housing programs provide a critical missing link for those who are ready for more independence but still need some recovery support. This is an area where Umbrella truly excels, understanding the long-term needs of clients and residents and providing appropriate levels of supports for the entire journey of recovery.

And we aren’t done yet! This month, we signed a new lease for a house on the street behind Foundation House. This house, named Potter House, will be used to support residents as they transition into independence while keeping them supported and connected during this critical period in their recovery. We are so grateful for the support we’ve received from our neighbors and the Burnside Gorge community and we look forward to many years supporting this vibrant and welcoming community.