Lyca and TJ updates.

Two of our supportive recovery houses for men have also become home to two, very sweet, rescue dogs.

Lyca, living at Foundation House continues to greet everyone each time the door to the house opens … and that door opens a lot!
She loves all the guys, the walks, the love and the treats!

TJ, who started at Foundation House, moved to Cooper House in the beginning of June.
TJ is more anxious and less social than Lyca, but is excelling in the smaller, less busy, Cooper House.

Although TJ and Lyca are very different dogs, they are so important to both our houses.
They are teaching the residents to be responsible, reliable and to care about others,
they show the residents what unconditional love and acceptance are,
and because they are all healing together, trust is built and beautiful, healthy relationships are formed.

We could learn a lot from dogs.