Today is our sweet Lesley’s last day as a full time employee with Umbrella.
Lesley has been a quiet force at Umbrella and we have had the pleasure of watching her grow into a confident, kick-ass worker.
She has worked everywhere, including the SAMI/ICMT team, on Saltspring, at AMCS, RAAC, SURF, Hotels, Hudson House and in general our outreach program.
Lesley’s quest for learning was bottomless and she loved challenges, our clients and our community.
As a team we said our goodbyes on Wednesday;
we shared memories and stories of friendship and client advocacy and with tears, wished her well.
Lesley has been an important and integral part of our Umbrella, and we are grateful she will continue on as a casual
and will join us at celebrations and events when she can.
Despedidas Lesley!