On May 6th 2019, Umbrella was lucky to have Dean join us for his practicum. We didn’t know at the time what a gift had been shared with us.

During his practicum, Dean provided incredibly important counseling support for many Umbrella clients. He also participated in our Umbrella housing programs, regularly attending house meetings and supporting residents. On top of that, he was a session facilitator for our Dad’s Wellness group, guiding the clients through understanding anger in a supported way.

Outside of his practicum, Dean was no less one of the team. A co workers band was playing that night? Dean was there. A celebration at a staff meeting? Dean wouldn’t miss it.

All this while balancing a career in the armed forces, a commute between Victoria and the mainland, and family responsibilities.

And now, when the world seems to have turned side ways and we are all trying to find new ways to help people remain connected and supported, Dean is here. He reached out to volunteer to provide some counseling support to a few clients via video sessions. Those clients are so grateful for his ongoing support.

There are so many faces to Dean, we wanted to share some of them with you:

Dean the Singer
Dean the Hiker
Dean the Drummer
Dean wishing for sun