Each September CUPE representatives  from all over BC gather and part of their business includes submitting which organization they would like to financially donate to.
How lucky we are that they chose the Umbrella Society this year.

On Saturday, May 4 Rebecca attended a meeting with  CUPE representative Tara Knight where she was asked to give a small presentation on what Umbrella does and why it is such an important nonprofit organization here on Vancouver Island.

All the CUPE representatives were very touched as they shared a few stories of how they have personally referred people they know to Umbrella and have seen first hand how fast and accommodating Umbrella is to get people struggling with substance use in to see the appropriate outreach worker or service .

The meeting was a packed event held at the Château Victoria, as well as other CUPE members joining through Zoom from all over the province. They graciously thanked Umbrella for the help and good work we do in the community and expressed their gratitude through a generous donation. It was a very touching and heartfelt event and Umbrella is grateful for the support.