This week we got to take some time to celebrate Erik.

Erik has been our Senior Resident at Foundation House for the past two years. The impact he has had on residents and alumni alike has been immeasurable. His calm and kind demeanour, coupled with his knowledge and understanding about addiction and recovery, has made him the go to guy for residents needing that bit of extra support and care. As Senior Resident, he was always ready, willing and able.

This week, Erik is moving out of Foundation House and into his own place. We decided to make an event of it and had a big pizza party with residents, staff and alumni to send Erik off in style.

The guys at Umbrella’s recovery houses won’t be missing Erik, he will be working with them as Umbrella’s Supportive Housing Coordinator. We are so proud of Erik and all the hard work he continues to do. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to keep him connecting with Umbrella’s residents, sharing his skills and knowledge.