Last night was Umbrella’s annual Christmas party.
Well, it was more of a dinner, we aren’t really partiers!
Our emcee Blake faced his arch nemesis “the only works half ┬áthe time microphone” but nailed the emcee duties as always.
Santa made an appearance, he had thinned down and was ready to eat!
The food was delicious, the 2nd annual Umbrella awards were fun, everyone was in festive spirits and the photos are fantastic.
Award recipients were: Jarret, Megan, Isaac, Kelsey, Louise, Nic L, Stefanie, Sean & Josh, Zack, Max and our employee of the year award winner (voted on by staff) was Shelagh!
Check out some of the great photos below, our staff are awesome!


Sean, Jake and Derek

Megan, Santa Zack and Evan

Vikings Terry and James

Jake, Evan and Blake


Santa’s angels


Award winners!

Cheryl and her viking husband

Bronwyn and Kate

Jarret, Ashley, Lance and Tina

Huggers Bronwyn and Sarah

Amy C and Ashley

Jarret and Rebecca


Previous board chair Alison and her hubby Jay

Terry and Sean

Lucy, Phaedra and Megan


Angi and her partner

Trevor and Hang

Strking a pose – Brae and Rebecca

Board member Kristin and her husband Dean

Board co-chair Bengy and his wife Laura

Louise and her hubby Raj, rocking his Bruins shirt

Kelsey and his girlfriend

Brianna and Sarah