August has proven to be another great month of hiring at Umbrella.
Some of our favourite people were hired during August, check them out!

Blake joined Umbrella on August 8, 2018.
He started in our Corrections program building that brand new program up to what it is now.
He then took over managing our supportive recovery houses and was recently promoted to Program Manager.
Blake brings so much to Umbrella including kindness, hard work and he is always up for any challenge.
We are so pleased that Blake continues to grow within Umbrella and is now an instrumental part of our leadership team.

Cheyenne came to Umbrella just last year on August 25 and joined us in our transitional housing sites.
Her sweet, caring and compassionate nature won over clients and staff,
and it was because of this that she quickly moved into an outreach role on our newly created
Indigenous Outreach Team, a partnership with Island Health.
Cheyenne continues to make a difference in the lives of those she supports and to our entire team
Umbrella is so grateful to have Cheyenne as part of our organization.

On August 12, 2020 Kelsey joined Umbrella and was immediately identified as someone everyone wanted to work with.
His kind, good hearted nature and his strong work ethic made him popular with the clients and fellow staff.
Seeing all that Kelsey had to offer, he was quickly moved from transitional housing sites to our supportive recovery program
to the Forbes program where he currently works.
Umbrella is fortunate to have Kelsey on the team and we appreciate all he brings to our organization.
Thanks Kelsey!

Jon joined Umbrella on August 6 last year.
Like Cheyenne and Kelsey, he started at the transitional housing sites,
but Jon’s passion for recovery saw him join our hospital team and then the ICM Team where he is currently working.
Jon has recently resigned and is going to a job with the provincial government at the beginning of September.
We appreciate all your hard work Jon, and you will be missed!