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About Umbrella

We've been there. We can help.

All of us at Umbrella have struggled – or watched a loved one struggle – with addiction. But, we’ve also found a way to come out the other side, and flourish. We know that our experiences can benefit others.

The value of peer support

The peer support model has been very well studied and has consistently been found to facilitate supportive interpersonal relationships and to foster increased resiliency.  Our peer support workers, staff and volunteers alike, are uniquely able to help others by listening empathically and sharing invaluable coping strategies.  We are not therapists, but the services we offer provide significant therapeutic value.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Umbrella actively promotes understanding, acceptance and support for people affected by addiction and mental health issues through advocacy, education and other assistance.

Our Vision

That, someday, communities will embrace and support all those affected by substance use and mental health problems

Our Defining Values

Meet our Current Board of Directors

Umbrella is grateful for the amazing directors who donate their time and expertise to further Umbrella's mission.

Former Directors

We would like to thank the following people who have served as Board Members and helped to shape Umbrella Society: