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CR, 32 year old male client

I am now contributing to society, not taking money from it.

My name is C.R and the Umbrella Society was someone I could call when I was in active addiction and could count on to meet me for coffee with a non-judgmental, supportive view on things and in the end helped me see there was more to life and I still had someone that would answer the phone.

Umbrella helped set me up with a treatment center and before I left for treatment, assisted as a mediator with a social worker family meeting regarding my child. They have always been there for support,  for court or for personal references.

When I got back from treatment there was a drop-in center that I was able to take part in and be a volunteer to help others which also gave me some purpose for my mornings and it was great to have someone to check in with occasionally.

I got help with letters for housing, work and any real support I needed. I knew I would get help or at least be directed towards it.

I now have 20 months clean and serene. I contribute to society and do not take money from it. I now have custody of my child, have maintained employment for more than a year and I work a hard program. Umbrella has helped me along my path to life immensely.  I continue to talk to my Umbrella worker here in Victoria, yet now I think of her as a friend and not a worker but I am still grateful.