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How We Can Help

What We Do

We work with anyone for whom substance use has become a problem. There are no fees for Umbrella services, not ever. Here's how our peer outreach team can help.

System Navigation  People are often overwhelmed by the many options offered by our system(s) of care. We offer friendly guidance to people affected by addiction and mental health issues; we help them to connect to clinical and community services appropriate to their needs.

We can help to create a better system

Umbrella advocates at the service delivery level to ensure that programs are welcoming and meaningful to those who seek help.  We liaise with many different community organizations to promote understanding and collaboration. 

We can help to improve community understanding

Helping to increase awareness and understanding about addictions and mental health issues is one of Umbrella’s primary goals. Fully eleven percent of Canadians will have a problematic relationship with substances in their lifetime, yet many in our society have little understanding about this hidden epidemic.